If you have the Staffing Version (Multiple Sites feature) enabled on your account, you can easily assign a new or existing job posting to a Client Site. If you don't have the Staffing Version and would like to get it, just email us.


How to Assign a Job Posting to a Client Site


1) To edit an existing job, click on the dropdown arrow next to the job title and select Edit Job.

To create a new job, click on the Create a New Job button from the dashboard and fill out the job posting's details.

2) Toward the bottom of the job posting create/edit page, click on the drop down menu for Client/Site and select the Client Site that you'd like to assign the job posting to. Make sure to Save and Continue to save your changes.

3) Once you've assigned a job posting to a Client Site, that job posting will appear on that Client Site's careers page.

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