What are Job Tags

They are a fast and simple way to organize your job postings. They can be used whether those jobs are online or offline, in a specific region or department, or pending approval. The sky is the limit when it comes to using Job Tags - get as creative as possible in finding new ways to let your organizational prowess shine through.

Creating Job Tags

Job tags are user-defined. Users with Manager, Admin, and Account Owner access can create, edit and manage job tags. You can create a new tag from the dashboard, or on the create job posting page.

From the Dashboard

To create a new tag from the dashboard, click on the ticket symbol on the top right of the job tile.

Once you click the tag icon, there will be a pop-up that allows you to edit/create job tags

From the Create a new Job page

To create a new tag from the create job posting page, click Create a New Job from your dashboard. Scroll down to the Tags field and start typing to create your first tags. You can add tags that are single words or phrases. When you're done creating the new tag, hit the TAB key or RETURN or ENTER key. Add as many tags as you want to a single job title. Make sure to save your changes!

Filtering by Job Tags

Once you've added tags to your jobs, you can filter your dashboard view to see jobs with one or more tags. To filter jobs by tags, simply click the filter button on the top left of the job grid and select one or more tags from the tag dropdown. The dashboard will update your view in real-time as you make your filter selections. 

The system will also remember your job filters on the dashboard so you'll see exactly what you want to see every time you navigate back to the dashboard. To clear the filters, simply click the reset button at the top of the filter modal.