You can filter applicants by status through Workflow

We also offer fine-grained control over user permissions, available at certain plan levels. You can customize what permissions each user role, or permission level, has by assigning access through statuses with Filter Applicants By Status. Any changes you make will immediately apply to all users assigned to that user permission level.

Customize User Permissions by Role

Access Workflow by going to Your Account Account Details. In the Account Details page, click on theWorkflow icon.

You will be taken to the Workflow page. Scroll down to Filter Applicants By Status. Here you can assign various user permission levels access to applicants with certain statuses only by simply clicking on the role you would like to customize, and then checking or unchecking the box next to Filter Applicants By Status.

The next step is to click the down arrow in the box for the dropdown menu with a list of statuses to choose from.

Once the specific status(s) is chosen for specific user permission levels, those users will only be able to see applicants with that status. You can check or uncheck and change statuses at any time. 

Please note: If the "Filter Applicants By Status" box is checked but no statuses are entered, users will not be able to see ANY applicants. A Status must be selected when the "Filter Applicants By Status" box is checked.

That's all there is to it!