You can protect notes you add to an Applicant's profile so that only you or specified users can view them.

To add a protected note:

1. From your dashboard, click on the job title whose applicants you would like to view.

This will bring you to the Applicant Grid where you will see a listing of all of your new applicants. Click on the View Applicant button next to the particular applicant's name for which you wish to enter a note.

An application viewer window will pop up showing you the applicant's contact information and giving you the option, via the left sidebar, to add notes.

Once you click on Notes and write your note, you have the option to protect your note by check-marking the Protect Note box before clicking Save Note.

A lock icon appears next to your protected note so you know it's protected.

Once your note is protected, only you, the note's author, and Admin users and above will be able to view and edit protected notes (access can be fine-tuned in accounts with Roles & Permissions).