Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Successfully create, edit, and send offer letters
  • Successfully create and send onboarding documents to an applicant
  • Successfully use and track applicants that you have “marked hired” 


  • Your user role must have permission to manage account details, edit and send offer letters, and view and edit applicants.


Creating, Editing, and Sending an Offer Letter

An offer letter is a formal written document sent by an employer to a job candidate selected for employment. You can create and store multiple offer letter templates in your account, then select the right template when you're ready to extend an offer to an applicant. Your applicant will have the opportunity to digitally accept your offer, then a PDF copy of the signed offer will be generated in the restricted files section. 

To add a new offer letter template from scratch, go to Your Account > Account Details, go to the Templates section, then click on the Offer Letters button.

Next, click the Add a Template button. Enter a name for your new Offer Letter Template, enter your offer letter body, then click Save New.

To save time, use the Field Names (located on the right side of the offer letters page). The field names will populate when you create a new offer letter to send to an applicant. They must be entered exactly as they appear, so using "copy and paste" is highly recommended. You can also edit or update the field names before sending an offer letter.

Once you have created multiple offer letter templates, you will be able to copy a template by selecting Edit then Copy to New. You’ll also be able to easily edit or remove templates. Simply select Edit or Remove next to the job template you wish to edit or remove from the offer letters section in your account.


Onboarding Documents and How to Create Them

Onboarding documents allow a user to send multiple documents (new hire forms) to an applicant along with an offer letter to be digitally signed by the applicant. Subscribers at certain plan levels can create custom onboarding document templates for easy use across multiple offer letters.

To upload your own custom onboarding documents and store them as templates:

  1. Go to Your Account > Account Details > Offer Letters.

2. Scroll down to the Onboarding Documents section. To upload your own custom onboarding documents, select Find File, name your document, then click Upload. Select Next. Follow the steps provided in the instruction window.

3. Select your desired fields: Signature, Initials, Checkbox, Textbox and/or Sign Date. Drag to place them anywhere you wish in the new onboarding document. Follow the prompts on each field as they pop up to designate who will sign or fill out a particular field or what variable should appear in the field.

4. Click Continue. You will now see your new custom onboarding document listed in the offer letters section.

Sending Onboarding Documents with an Offer Letter

  1. Find the applicant to which you wish to send an offer letter and onboarding documents. Click View Applicant.
  2. On the top navigation menu, click Send Offer.
  3. Click Get Started: Applicant and Offer.
  4. Enter and verify the applicant and offer details. Click Next: Create Offer Letter.
  5. This will bring you to your edit letter page. This is your last chance to make any edits to the body of the letter. Verify that any details that were automatically added to the letter are correct and update any information that needs to be changed. If your template has information that does not transfer via field names, customize that information for this specific offer. Once you are satisfied with your edits, click Next: Add Onboarding Documents.
  6. Send onboarding documents along with your offer letter. You can pick a template or attach your own document.
  7. You will now be ready to review and send your onboarding documents and offer letter.  The applicant will be provided with a link to the offer letter, along with instructions for providing a digital signature. Once you are satisfied that everything is correct, click Send Offer.

Hiring Your Candidate (Mark as Hired):

Through your account,  you can easily hire and track applicants that you have hired. 

  1. Click View Applicant next to the name of the applicant you want to mark as hired. This will open that person's Application Viewer.
  2. From the Application Viewer, click on the Mark as Hired button. A popup window will appear, prompting you to fill out the acceptance date and start date.

If you exit the application viewer and reopen by clicking on the magnifying glass, you will see the button updated as "Hired" with a date stamp. In addition, a note will be added to the notes section in the application viewer indicating the applicant has been "Marked as Hired." The note will include the user who marked the applicant as hired and a date stamp marking when it took place.          

You will also have the option to "Automatically Hire" when the applicant signs the offer letter. This will automatically complete the above steps when the applicant electronically signs the offer letter.  To choose this option, go to Account Details and revisit your Offer Letterpage under the templates section. At the top of that page, turn on the Automatically HIre toggle switch.   

Viewing a List of Hired Applicants:

We have made it pleasantly simple to track hired applicants in a sortable list in your account. To view a list of your hired applicants, click on Your Account, then click the Hired Applicants link from the drop-down menu.


1. You can send your onboarding documents along with your offer letter.

            a. True

            b. False

2. Your applicant can digitally accept your offer.

            a. True

            b. False

4. Can you track your hired applicants? If so, how?

            a. No feature current allows this

            b. Click on Your Account, then the Hired Applicants link from the drop-down menu

            c. Click on Your Account > Account Details, then select Offer Letters

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