We're excited to offer our Applicant Data Export service to help you with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) account. Our service is available to all our customers for a fee, and we're happy to assist you in starting the process.

To begin, simply file a ticket or send an email to our friendly support team. One of our agents will reach out to you with a quote for the service and will seek your approval to charge your account's card on file.

Once you approve the fee, we'll start the engineering process of exporting your applicant data. The service usually takes around 5-10 business days to complete from payment processing.

Our Applicant Data Export service includes a Standard Applicant Data CSV file along with all applicant files zipped. You can expect a password-protected Dropbox link from our Client Services team to receive your data.

Your password-protected Dropbox folder will contain:

  1. A zip file with a folder for each job.
    1. Each folder will contain a CSV file with all applicants who applied to that particular job,
    2. Individual folders for each applicant with their associated files (resumes & cover letters, for instance), and
    3. A CSV of all Applicant Message Data for that job.
  2. A CSV file with all applicant data from the history of the account
  3. If you need assistance with job information, we can also create a JSON and/or CSV file with all job information, including HTML job descriptions and other job details. 

For those visual learners in our midst, this is what it'll look like, understanding that under the "resume-exports" folder there will be as many "Example_company_job" folders as there were jobs to export and the number of PDFs in the Applicant Folders will depend on what was in the Applicant Profile under the Files Tab and the Restricted Files Tab (click on the image below to view larger):

The folder name will be formatted to include the year (YYYY) and month (MM) of your export as well as the ticket ID from the request you emailed or filed with our team. 

What About Report Data?

If you're thinking about closing your account, we recommend visiting the Reports Section of the ATS to download any additional reports that you might want to keep, like your EEOC Report. These reports are not included in your Export and come at an additional cost if you request them after your account is closed, so please download them to avoid any future fees.