Making changes to a scheduled interview is quick and easy. From your dashboard, you can select "View Calendar" or simply click on the applicant's name in the interview list.  


Once you select the applicant's name, you are presented with the option to either Edit or Cancel the interview. 




To Cancel, simply click the Cancel Interview button, enter an optional note, and then select Send. This will remove the event from your connected calendar, your applicant’s calendar, and the calendar within the system. When an interview is canceled, a note will be added to the activity log of an applicant's profile. 


To Edit an interview, click Edit. This will open the interview details and allow you to make any necessary changes. Once your changes have been made, click Save at the bottom of the Edit Interview screen and the updated changes should reflect on your calendar, applicant's calendar, as well as the calendar in the system.


If the applicant declines the invite, you will get a dashboard notification that the applicant declined, and the interview will also be removed from all calendars.


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