If you're looking to streamline your recruitment process and keep tabs on your active job postings, you've come to the right place. This guide is tailor-made to help hiring managers like you navigate our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with ease. Let's dive into how you can quickly access and manage your active paid job postings, ensuring that your recruitment efforts are as efficient and effective as possible. 

As you manage your job postings within our ATS, it's important to be aware of the different distribution statuses that your job might have. Each status indicates where your job is being posted and the level of visibility it's receiving across various platforms. Here’s a breakdown of what each status means:

  • None: If a job posting has a status of "None," this means that the job is not being actively distributed. It is only visible within the ATS and not posted to any external job boards. Depending on other settings in the Job Create/Edit Advanced Options, it may or may not be showing on your ATS-Hosted Career Page. 
  • Free Only: A job marked as "Free Only" is being distributed to free job boards. This option allows your job to gain exposure without additional costs. 
  • Active Paid Posting: This status indicates that you have opted to sponsor your job posting. Jobs with an "Active Paid Posting" status are distributed to selected job boards based on the sponsorship package you've chosen, maximizing visibility among potential candidates. For more information on specific job boards included in this category, please see What paid job boards are available?

Accessing from the Job Dashboard

  1. Visit the Job Dashboard: Start by logging into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and heading over to the Job Dashboard.

  2. Locate Active Paid Postings: If you have a lot of jobs, we recommend you use the filter options to only show the jobs that have Active Paid Postings.

    Filter options from the main dashboard

  3. Click on "Active Paid Posting": Once you have filtered the job, note the DIstribution status of "Active Paid Posting" and click on the text. 
    a job with an Active Paid Posting
    This will direct you to the "Post to Job Boards" page.

  4. Review Campaign Reports:
    • Expand the Reports Section: Here, you can expand the "Reports" section to view all your active campaigns.

      Post to Job Boards Report section
    • Order History: Additionally, you can click on "Order History" to open a scrollable pop-up list that provides a detailed history of your postings. 
      Order history, showing past purchases

Accessing from the Audit Log:

To access the Audit Log, please use the main menu to navigate to Account Details, then select "Audit Log" from the list of available options under Company & Users. 

NOTE: your user level may impact your ability to access this area of the system. If you cannot see these options, please reach out to someone on your team with Admin-Level access for assistance.

Where to find the Audit Log

Filter Options: You can filter the logs by job title and/or specific actions to pinpoint the exact data you need. Paid Advertisements will be listed as the Action: Purchase Job Advertisement

You can filter the Audit Log

Accessing from the Downloadable Reports:

If you need to download comprehensive data, head to the Downloadable Reports section.

  1. Set Filters: Choose to filter reports by job titles and dates relevant to your inquiry.
  2. Download Data: Once filtered, simply click the download button next to Job Posting Data to retrieve the report. It should be emailed to you shortly

Job Posting Data report, with filters in place

By following these steps, you can effectively track and manage your active paid job postings within our ATS. If you need further assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Support Team. We’re here to help you make the most of your hiring process!